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Who we are?

Tradobox was created as a project harnessing the power of experience and expertise intertwined with the modern standards of the financial system, giving our clients the cutting edge Expert Adviser that we developed. That automated strategy paid off with extraordinary returns for the past 3 years. What is pushing us forward as a team are our observations over how retail investors react to the ever changing market conditions – particularly, the repetition of mistakes leading to unsatisfying results, fear, mistrust and wrong conclusions.

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Why Choose Us?

What makes us standout is the unique way we approach our clients. Fundamental successful practices, for both experienced and inexperienced investors, is what we try to make our clients stick to. The basic course main focus is to get them to understand how tremendously important maintaining high level of discipline, risk management and standing by your trading strategy is, as well as building up a worthy strategy in the first place. To the experienced investors we offer the Mentoring package (Learn More)where you can benefit from having a personal mentor help you to improve your trading practices – what kind of mistakes you were prone to repeating and how you could have evaded the decisions that led to the negative outcome.

High Level Mentoring

Having a dedicated professional mentor boosting our clients strategies and understanding of the markets has proven to be invaluable experience. Never the less, trading is not as easy as people are led to believe and for that reason we recommend the automated strategy (Trading Robot). It fits perfect with retail investors who lack the time to make their own analysis and strategy or the ones who wish someone else to operate their investments. Last but not least, you have the ability to monitor the progress of the expert adviser 24/7 as well as switching to manual trading whenever you feel like it.

Our Goals

Our goals, based on the experienced team of different sector specialist with their full potential realized in the market mechanisms, are to educate and walk you through the whole cycle from planning to execution in a straight forward and easy to understand individual approach - going through the market fundamentals, risks and opportunities, we aim to boost your confidence and discipline, constantly improving your strategy and habbits.

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